Bawdeswell Volunteers Needed!

In response to local concerns, it has been suggested that a traffic census be carried out on the B1145 covering Norwich Road and Reepham Road (from the garden centre to the village boundary). Residents have commented on the increase in traffic, particularly HGV volumes over recent times, and the Parish Council are now considering further action to find out what these numbers are. Depending on this and other evidence, it is hoped that ways could be found to improve the situation.

This is where you come in. As a first step, the Council are seeking volunteers to record and monitor the traffic on a weekday, and outside of the school holidays, to obtain the most representative picture. Training and the recording documents will be provided and it is proposed that the opportunity will be taken to log the number of speeding infringements by those vehicles triggering the 30mph warning display near the bend just before the village centre turning. If a team of 6-8 individuals can be recruited then it is anticipated that this will take no more than 4 hours of your time including training.

As far as HGV’s are concerned, the volumes would suggest that a number of these vehicles are choosing to use this road to travel to outlying destinations such as Aylsham, North Walsham, Cromer the coast etc, when of course more suitable main roads could be used – the A1067, the NDR and the A140. Use of the B1145 causes noise, disruption and damage to villages that they travel through. Leading this project is newly appointed councillor David Coles who lives with his family in one of the 80 or so houses on the Norwich Road/Reepham Road or the end houses of adjacent roads and thus very close to the B1145. This accounts for over 25% of the estimated population of Bawdeswell.

David has spoken to Reepham Town Council who would like to co-ordinate the traffic census with Bawdeswell as it is suspected that most HGV’s travelling to/from Bawdeswell come from/travel to Reepham. It is hoped that a combined representation to the Highways Agency can be made. David has also spoken to our new Highways Engineer who has said that, depending on this and other evidence gathered, they may be prepared to review the signage on the A1067, feed in roads and the B1145.

Following the completion of the census and the analysis of the results with the Reepham data, the Council might then seek the views of those most affected- the 80 or so houses referred to through a residents survey, as this could provide more compelling evidence to help produce a case for a change to road signage.

However, we cannot start this project without your help and it would be appreciated if you could contact David by e-mail [email protected] or phone 01362 688811 by the end of April to let him know that you are prepared to help us and the village.

An update will be given in the next edition of The Reeve’s Tale.