Your Councillors

Bill Cunliffe (Chairman)
1 All Saints Court, Bawdeswell NR20 4UP Tel: 01362 688956,                                                 [email protected]

John Mallen (Vice Chairman)
Bawdeswell Lodge, Bylaugh Park NR20 4RL Tel: 01362 688627,                                                [email protected]

Ken Ewing
Dale Farmhouse, Reepham Road, Bawdeswell, NR20 4RU Tel: 01362 688582                       [email protected]

Anni Hartley- Walder                                                                                                               Bramley House,  Meadow Loke, Bawdeswell, NR204TG Tel: 01362 688377                 [email protected]

James Lilwall
Church View, The Street, Bawdeswell NR20 4RT Tel: 01362 688499,                                [email protected]

Roy Reed                                                                                                                                               Oak Cottage, Dereham Road, Bawdeswell, NR20 4AA Tel: 01362 688430 [email protected]

Andrew Toomey                                                                                                                                      6 James McLean Loke, Bawdeswell, NR20 4WG  Tel:                    [email protected]

The Parish Clerk is:
Jo Boxall, White House, Pettywell, Reepham, NORWICH NR10 4RN Tel: 01603 879480
Email: [email protected]

Councillors must agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. A copy of this can be viewed below.

Councillor Register of Members Interest Forms are available to view on the Breckland District Council website.


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