Proposed Garden Town Development


Bawdeswell Parish Council debated the above proposed development at our meeting on September 6th 2018. The meeting was attended by our District Councillor Gordon Bambridge who updated us on the current situation from the Breckland Council perspective.

Our conclusion was that Bawdeswell Parish Council deplored the fact that the developers Lanpro have not consulted with or discussed their plans with local Parish Councils who will be greatly affected by the proposed New Garden Town.

We are also aware that Breckland Council has spent considerable time producing a Local Plan which will provide housing sufficient to meet local demands for the next 20 or more years. There is therefore no need for the Lanpro development.

We wish to place on record our objections in principle and reserve the right to make much more in depth comment when eventually Lanpro make further details available.

Bawdeswell Parish Council.

Planning Application 3PL/2018/0993/F – Land off Hall Road Bawdeswell

Bawdeswell Parish Council objected to the previous application 3PL/ 2017/0035/F, also for 40 dwellings on the same site.

Nothing has changed since that application was made. There are still no local doctors surgeries and no public transport to the nearest surgeries both of which are a considerable distance from Bawdeswell. There are still no plans to enlarge the local Primary School and the Post Office if only open twice a week for three hours. There is no bus service in Bawdeswell in the evenings and during the daytime the only service is for travelling to and from Norwich and Fakenham. No service exists at all to Dereham or Reepham which are the closest towns to Bawdeswell. Bawdeswell does not have the infrastructure to properly service our village at the moment, another 40 dwellings will simply mean an additional burdens on those limited services.

The current application will not relieve any of these additional burdens. This Parish Council can see no reason for reducing the number of affordable homes from forty to twenty percent on this site apart from the increased profit to the builders.

We notice that the new layout plan for the site has the main roadway come to an abrupt end at the ‘turning area’ on the South East section, this would seem to be a perfect entrance/exit for subsequent development in the adjoining field. In our view this sets a dangerous precedent.

We urge Breckland Council to listen and take notice of the concerns of the vast majority of Bawdeswell parishioners and refuse this application.


BRECKLAND PLANNING COMMITTEE- Decision on Hall Road/Two Fields Way Development (3PL/2017/0035/F) –31st July 2017 

In order to keep residents up to date with the above application, I have to report that despite all the objections voiced by the Parish Council and local people we were overruled by the Planning Committee who approved the application.  We will now have 40 new dwellings built on the Hall Road/Two Fields Way site. We have no right of appeal.

Having spent considerable time preparing a 3 minute speech (which is all objectors are allowed), it was all to no avail. I spoke on behalf of the PC, David Shannon on behalf of the village objectors and Gordon Bambridge (District Councillor) added a few words.

Having made our representations I was of the opinion that all was going well. However, it soon became clear that the Planning Committee were only going to treat this as an extension of only 4 dwellings in addition to the 36 which they had already approved.

Capita said that there were 5 good reasons for approving this application for 40 dwellings:

  1. An increase in affordable housing. (We could not argue with this but have no evidence of a local need.)
  2. Initial job creation during the construction phase. (Little compensation for the total disruption to occupiers of nearby properties – in our view this is not a legitimate          reason for supporting the application – we were not allowed to use disruption as an objection.)
  3. Increased expenditure in local economy. (The small economy that we have.)
  4. Would contribute substantially towards Council’s Land Supply. (Council’s problem – not Bawdeswell’s.)
  5. Would increase Council Rates revenue. (I told the Committee this was a disgraceful point to make when Capita were justifying their recommendation to approve the application).

Unfortunately, none of our objections or comments were listened to or considered.

Just to illustrate how unfair and biased the meeting was, George Freeman MP was allowed to speak for 4 minutes on behalf of another village.  We were only allowed 3 minutes to speak, at the conclusion of which, even if it was mid sentence, the Chairman would ring a bell.

When asked by a member of the audience why the MP was allowed 4 minutes the Chairman replied that it was his prerogative to change the rules……

Before you ask why George Freeman didn’t speak on our behalf, we had previously been informed that he didn’t wish to interfere in local planning matters…

I bitterly regret that this will mean upset not to mention disruption for the residents of Hall Road and Two Fields Way when the building work commences.  The blame lies fully with Breckland Council who yet again have taken no notice whatsoever of the views of those most affected – i.e the people of Bawdeswell.

I thank everyone who took the trouble to register their objections on the Breckland website and hope you know that we, the Parish Council, did everything we possibly could to prevent this application being approved.

Alas, I fear the battle was lost before it started.

Bill Cunliffe – Chairman – Bawdeswell Parish Council


Bawdeswell Parish Council resolved to object to the planning application for 36 houses on Two Fields Way and submitted the following response to Breckland

Further to this objection, the Parish Council resolved to object to the planning application for 44 houses on the same site. The following response was submitted to Breckland

The Parish Council remain concerned about how the Local Development Plan will affect Bawdeswell. They approved an approach to possible village development in any future Breckland Local Development Framework. A copy of the approved document is below

The Council also approved the following submission in response to the consultation on Local Development Plan Preferred directions and emerging site options

The Council submitted the following response to the Local Plan October 2016


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